Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination is all about helping parents to resolve disputes in their child's best interests.

How Parent Coordination Works

As a Parent Coordinator, I work with parents to help them develop a parenting plan that is in the best interest of their child or children. Consideration must be made for a child's age, developmental stage, needs, and any other circumstances required to individualize a parenting plan specific for each family. Parents have the opportunity to learn effective conflict resolution and negotiation skills for improved communication. The ability to remain focused on the issues of importance is key for successful negotiations and a Parent Coordinator helps to keep discussions calm and focused. The Parent Coordination process can be sought through mutual agreement or through an order from the court. The Parent Coordination process involves meeting with each parent, and at times, their child or children, in order to consider the needs of all family members in developing a parenting plan. Parents will meet for Parenting Coordination sessions weekly until an agreement can be reached. This process can help to save time and money. When parents develop a parenting plan together, it is reviewed with their attorneys and ultimately there is no need for a judge to decide how they will share their children. When parents do not have attorney's the Parent Coordinator can be especially helpful in developing a parenting plan. A Parent Coordinator does not provide legal advice, but having as an expert experienced in working with children and families in conflict can help guide parents towards good decisions for the entire family. A Parent Coordinator can provide parent plan evaluations for existing plans when parents are in conflict, and serve to provide expert advice. No one knows your children better than you, so why not utilize the expertise of a Parent Coordinator to help make decisions towards an excellent plan to nurture your children's emotional growth and development during their most important years.

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