Family Mediation

Family Mediation provides an opportunity for people to work with a non-biased Mediator to resolve their own issues.

How Family Mediation Works

family mediation services

As a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator in the 6th, 12th, and 13th Judicial Circuits in Florida, I have helped many families navigate through the difficulties of divorce. When you no longer share your life with someone or have to make decisions requiring the division of very important things in your life, Mediation can be an extremely useful process to help everyone move forward with less stress. Family Mediation provides an excellent opportunity for couples to come to an amicable resolution of their issues with the assistance of a professional. As a Qualified Expert in Negotiations and Conflict Resolution, I work with couples to help facilitate an agreement requiring less time, money and effort spent on their case. Family Mediation issues cover a wide range of topics from parenting plans to division of assets and liabilities. A complete Martial Settlement Agreement can be obtained through my services, whether parties come Pro Se (unrepresented by an attorney) or with an attorney. Mediation is a confidential process empowering individuals in the conflict resolution process to decide many important issues impacting the direction of their lives for the future. Choosing the right mediator is crucial, as the professional knowledge and expertise of a mediator can have a huge impact on the parties abilities to come to an agreement. Family Mediation is Mandated in the State of Florida for contested divorces.

Family Counseling Services

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